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The Deposed King of The Willamette

Back before humans settled the fertile lands around the Willamette River, but after the dragons had left this realm for their own, a king ruled. A mighty king was he…simply going by the name “The King of the Willamette,” (or simply, The King). His reign stretched for tens of thousands of years. What did this […]

Shelly Slythmore’s Undersea Adventure.

Shelly Slythmore, born in 1900 in Pendleton, Oregon, had quite the life! When she was 12 years of age, she lived with her father on the Steel Bridge. When Shelly was in her mid 20s, she received her first Masters degree (in history) and used her knowledge to save the city of Portland from two […]

The Sleeping Dragon of Mount Tabor.

The Sleeping Dragon of Mount Tabor.

Portland is one of four cities in America with an extinct volcano within its city limits. Mount Tabor sits right in the middle of East Portland, and hasn’t erupted in 300,000 years! Oh, but the last eruption was highly significant. For with that eruption, a sleeping dragon was buried 300,000 years ago, according to natural […]

Giant Ghosts of the South Park Blocks!

Giant Ghosts of the South Park Blocks!

On a leisurely stroll through the South Park blocks, you might notice two statues. One giant state of Abraham Lincoln, and another giant statue of “Rough Rider” Teddy Roosevelt. The two presidents that have been memorialized in many a story, legend, and even Mount Rushmore. While the statues are indeed placed in the South Park […]

The Portland Leprechauns and The Toy Hor...

The Portland Leprechauns and The Toy Horse Brigade.

While walking around Portland, you might see metal rings on the sidewalk. These rings are a remnant of a time before cars, when horses were a major form of transportation. The rings were used to tether horses and horse drawn carriages to the side of the road as their owners frequented shops, homes, and the […]