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Long line Microwave and Portland’s Own War of the Worlds.

Last updated on January 4, 2019

A few weeks ago, a landmark of Curiosity of Portland was dismantled. The Long Line Microwave tower on top of the ATT building is no more. What happened? Why? It’s anyone’s guess. A more important question, what was it for to begin with?

Sure, the official answer says it was part of a vast network on Long Line Microwave transmitters – providing communications all throughout the country. The Long Line system was developed in the 50s, and gradually became obsolete. And yes – this specific tower was used in microwave transmissions, but there was a secondary use that no one talks about….it was a weapon!

The year was 1976. The cold war was still going strong, and the country was still paranoid about a possible Russian invasion. What we, the public, did not know is there was an enemy greater than the Soviets. There were aliens planning an invasion and Portland was going to be ground zero.

The US government had known about alien life for quite some time. Some documents make mention of aliens fighting with the Nazis during WWII. Some classified documents even hint that aliens even helped the south in our own Civil War. Of course, these documents don’t mention aliens explicitly, but a few of the official classified explanations to Civil War mysteries certainly imply aliens. The “Angel’s Glow” at the battle of Shiloh, for instance was described to be the blood of an unhuman intelligence. And why was General Grant peering so uncomfortable in his photo at city point? His classified diaries state seeing something “unexplainable, gigantic, and unlike anything of this world.”

General Grant saw an alien craft

But I digress…The US Government has known about aliens for a very long time. It wasn’t until our forays into space that we were able to intercept their communications. And it’s a good thing we did when we did – because disaster was coming!

My sources, which wish to rename anonymous, stated that during the Apollo 17 mission, the astronauts discovered an alien transmitter, as well as an advanced weapons cache. The astronauts got as much information and samples of the tech as they could before leaving the moon. Incidentally – this is why we never returned to the moon after that mission. They couldn’t risk the aliens interacting with us and triggering an interplanetary incident.

Fast forward a few years – NASA scientists had analyzed the transmitter frequencies, as well as some of the weapon specs. They were able to figure out how to use these weapons. A few prototypes were built to imitate the alien weaponry, and two peculiar things were noted: 1) the beams that came from the weapons were invisible, and 2) the weapons put out an insane amount of heat. So much heat, in fact, that the weather in the surrounding area would be affected for days! It was obvious that if NASA and the military were to use these weapons, it would need to be an emergency. These were not weapons we could use against our enemies on Earth – we could only use these weapons for warfare against our alien enemies.

In the years that followed, NASA monitored alien communications regularly. Nothing alarming seemed to come about – just some surveillance. Then one day in 1981, NASA heard the message we dreaded to hear….the aliens were planning an invasion.

By this time we had a working model of the alien weapon, easily installed anywhere needed, NASA found that the Long Line Microwave towers were perfect – as they didn’t arouse suspicions from the public, and the towers themselves seemed to amplify the weapons signal into the upper atmosphere.

On July 13th, we heard a target for the landing and the date. August 7th, just south of Portland. Hastily, the alien weaponry was installed in the nearest long line microwave tower. We were as ready as we were going to get.

The day came, and NASA monitored strange objects in the sky, getting closer and closer to Earth. Once more – the chatter on the alien frequencies were full of war chants, cheers, and blood thirsty cries. All of humanity counted on what happened next.

When the alien crafts were finally in range of the tower, NASA fired the weapon seven times. With every blast – they hit one to three alien vessels. While NASA didn’t destroy all of, or even half of the crafts, with the seven blasts from the weapon, the crafts all changed course and fled the Earth. It had appeared we had won the day! But for how long? When would they return?

The aftermath of the weapon firing was a furious heatwave hitting the Northwest United States. Temperatures of up to 107 were recorded for the next several days. NASA continued to monitor the alien transmissions, but never heard anything after that day – save for a few blips and status reports. Did the aliens realize we were monitoring their communications? Or had they just given up? No one really knows.

Eventually the aliens will probably show up again. Maybe they’re already here – maybe they’re helping ISIS or the Russians. You and I will never know. Heed my warning though – this was not the aliens first attempt, and this will not be their last attempt. So watch the skies – you never know when they’re coming back!

As always, remember, this site is purely fictional. While some historical facts may or may not have been referenced, there are, to my knowledge, any such thing as aliens. There is no government conspiracy to hide any alien life. There is no evidence that aliens have helped past or present enemies. There is no evidence they hid a weapon in the dismantled long line microwave tower.  If you would like to know more about long line microwave towers, visit this amazing article, or this amazing website on the subject.

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