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The Secret Arcade: Beyond Polybius

Last updated on November 27, 2019

You may know about the game Polybius. A nefarious game planted in the Malibu Grand Prix arcade near Washington Square. Some call the game an urban legend, some call the game a government conspiracy. Those of us who know the truth call it something totally different: the tip of the iceberg! Polybius (as we the public call the game) was one of many games designed for evil and wicked purposes by our own government, and served as a “bait” machine. Those who played Polybius well enough were invited to a secret arcade in a still unknown location. This arcade was basically The Last Starfighter and Ender’s Game rolled into one, sinister room.

Polybius was the bait for the secret arcade.

The rumors about the Polybius game were true. Two teens did in fact disappear in 1981 shortly after playing the game. Mysterious techs came to do “maintenance” on the console once a week (contrary to legend, these techs were not dressed in black suits, just ordinary maintenance clothes). People did, in fact, get sick after playing the game, through rarely was blamed put onto the Polybius. The 12 year old Asteroids champ, for instance, played Polybius before his marathon, and did in fact get sick afterwards.

The Polybius game would test the abilities, both mental and physical, of its players. The top tiered players were chosen for the real arcade. These players were given an invitation to this secret arcade. However, mark my words….the invitation to the secret arcade was by no means a request. Those that declined the invitation were taken prisoner. Many a teen runaway in the area were in fact taken to the secret arcade.

Polybius led to the secret arcade.
Image Credit: DocAtRS [CC BY-SA 3.0]

Inside the secret arcade.

AS I said earlier, Polybius and the secret arcade were analogous to popular fiction. Polybius served as “The Last Starfighter.” Meanwhile, a host of other games played the roll of the “training games” in Ender’s Game. The surprising thing about these “training games,” they took the form of ordinary arcade games, with a few upgrades. There was Pac Man+, there was Space Invaders II, Missile Command II, Super Battlezone, Super Pole Position, and more. There was even an early version of the E.T. video game – though that one had a totally different game play than the Atari console version.

“Battle Simulations?”

Those of you who know Ender’s Game, know that the “training games” were no simulations. So it was with these games in the secret arcade. Oh sure, they made the players think they were just playing a game, after all, these games had quite the deceptive skinning. But in actuality, these games controlled swat teams, armies, and even early drones. These unsuspecting and unwitting teens playing the secret arcade games controlled the fate of hundreds, or maybe thousands of lives. While the workings of these games is unknown, we do know the aliens who attacked in the late 70s were a target to some of some of the games. In fact, a good deal of their own technology was used against the aliens in this very program. In fact, the very drones used to attack the aliens were based on the alien’s technology.

We also know these simulations were used in the US involvement in the El Salvador’s Civil War. the Iran-Iraq war, and the 1983 bombardment of Libya. Of course, so many off the book secret spy missions were powered by this one secret arcade. Robotic spies, again, modeled after alien technology, was used in the USSR, East Berlin, and other Warsaw Pact locations.

True, the use of these machines was not always used for death and destruction. At times, these early drones (usually powered by Pac Man+ or a variation of Frogger), were used in humanitarian ways.These drones would smuggle food and supplies past checkpoints and warlords, and into war torn areas.

So, what happened to this project?

For reasons unknown, the project was shut down shortly after the bombardment of Libya. We don’t know why, but we do know this could not have been the only secret arcade. In fact, we have reason to believe one of the spy droids (powered by a secret arcade near Baltimore) that visited Chernobyl shortly after the evacuation in order to monitor the situation. We also have first hand accounts of “super soldiers” fighting in the Gulf War, the Iraq War, and against ISIS and Al Qaeda.

We surely must assume that some sort of defense against the aliens still exists. In all likelihood, the technology that powered the secret arcade project is still widely used. In fact, the modern military drone technology most likely evolved from these secret arcades.

Do we use still use unsuspecting teens? Probably not, as it would not make a lot of sense now. Why use an untrained and unsuspecting teen when you have a trained, enlisted soldier on the payroll?

What happened to the kids involved?

Again, most of the kids were seen as runaways. What happens to most runaways is they either disappear forever, or more likely, they came home. Most of these kids have incredible stories mind you, for certain, but very few have spoken about their time in the secret arcade. Those who have, were never believed, and oftentimes killed in strange accidents. Mark my words though, if a 50 something person dies a mysterious death, and they were a runaway as a teen, they were involved in the secret arcade.

This is a work of fiction and should only be used for entertainment purposes. There is no evidence a secret arcade existed in the suburbs, and there is even no evidence that the Polybius game ever existed.

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